Mega Tree

Tree Summary:

  • LEDs: 3456
  • Channels: 288
  • Control Boards: 18
  • Voltage: 36V

Tree Star:

  • LEDs: 240
  • Channels: 10
  • Control Boards: 2 and a bit
  • Voltage: 36V

We purchased a 3.6m tree frame from Deals Direct. Although the frame was a 3.6m we removed one segment to make it 2.4m tall.

The tree came with a bunch of white LEDs which we wrapped around the large star at the top of the tree.

The strings that make up the tree are those that we got from K-Mart, with the exception of the pink lights. The pink LEDs were purchased from eBay. We removed the K-Mart LEDs and replaced them with the pink ones.

The lights are hung on the tree frame using cable ties. In the future we are looking to redesign this tree so it is easier to maintain.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to David Bennett for helping with stringing up the Mega tree.