Present Summary:

  • LEDs: 192
  • Channels: 36
  • Control Boards: 2 and a bit
  • Voltage: 5 & 12V

There are two types of presents in our display: small ones (approximately 20cm cubed), and large ones (30cm cubed and 40cm cubed). The frames for all are made from 10x10cm mesh that we purchased from Bunnings. We used an angle grinder to cut out the lattice that we didn't need and then cable tied the frames together. The structure is kept square using a square piece of MDF as the base. The covers were created from white broadcloth that we purchased from Spotlight.

The small presents have a bunch of tri-coloured LEDs inside them and are powered by 5V. To allow them to create a "white" light we needed to add different resistor to the Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. Creating this lighting structure took a fair amount of time and we decided that it would be just too time consuming to do the larger presents in the same way.

The larger presents have 12V RGB lighting strip inside them which we purchased from Deal Extreme. We wrapped the strip lighting around boxes to ensure all sides of the presents were brightly light.

Special Thanks

We must thank Tique Bennett for helping with the sewing on the present covers.