Light Strings & Icicles

String Summary

  • LEDs: 2592 (720 in Red Icicles, 880 in Yellow Icicles, 608 in Green Light Strings, 384 in Blue Lights Strings)
  • Channels: 320
  • Control Boards: 20
  • Voltage: 24-36V

The strings and icicles lights that we use are those that we purchased at K-Mart's post-Christmas sales. They originally came in multi-coloured strings, but we wanted single colour strings so we spent ages switching around light bulbs to get the single coloured string that we wanted. Once we had the single coloured strings/icicles we divided up the lights and added channel controls for each group of LEDs we wanted to flash individually.

Unfortunately the Christmas lights that K-Mart sell now don't have replaceable LEDs.