Detailed Listing of Lights 2012

Lights SetChannelsLEDs
Red Icicles72720
Yellow Icicles88880
Green Window/Door Surrounds144608
Blue Gutter Lights16384
Mini Trees607560
Mini Tree Stars3010 (RGB LEDs)
Merry Christmas Sign48126 (RGB LEDs)
Bounces192768 (RGB LEDs)
Candy Canes14140
Nativity Stars3232
Nativity Scene Spotlights22
Little Santas880
Clarabell's Hat44
Mega Tree2883456
Mega Tree Star10240
Character Spotlights1616
Sign Spotlights33
Tree Trunk Lights16184
Tinkerbell Wand and Bling49
Candy Cane Wheels40312
Donald's Lights258
Driveway Edging14252
White Flowers1680
Garden Gnome31 (RGB LED)
Dragon Flies4816 (RGB LEDs)
White Window Lights1272
Coloured Flower Bunches32128